Author: Kathrin

Adrienne Watson Seaweed cyanotype 2Quick Shot

Group Exhibition by Leonie Robison, Paul Hattaway and Adrienne Watson 19th July - 2nd August 2015 Opening night: Thursday 23rd July 6-8pm   A quick injection of coffee to fire up the senses. A jolt of caffeine to quicken the pulse. This is the secret to a masterpiece say friends Leonie Robison, Paul Hattaway, and Adrienne Watson. The three have been drawing and making art together for a number of years and even though they have very different styles of working, they find that they complement each other. The urgency of producing an exhibition with a few weeks notice, a quick response after a delicious, freshly brewed shot of warm, fragrant coffee, and the three are hard at work.

Art Almanac3 to 15 August, 2015

The combination of Lee’s ‘Elementals’ featuring pure theme origin sculptures from 2005-15 is juxtaposed with Guy’s sublime large-scale Nebulae paintings and video works, creating a monumental three-dimensional experience. Special event: Friday 7 August, 5.30-8.00pm RSVP: Guy 0419 402 883 or Lee 0432 697 436

We are super excited to present you with a second showroom location for Project [504]. The new space is located on the Ground Floor of 65 Berry Street, in the heart of busy North Sydney business district. This second location has the main purpose of bringing the best of Australian art to a discerning clientele in North Sydney.

If you missed this awesome opening night, here are some photos by our good friend Edmond Thommen. The exhibition is still running for another 2 weeks. Come and say hello. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js...