FRAGMENTED – IWVAC Australia Group Exhibition |May 14th – 28th

FRAGMENTED – IWVAC Australia Group Exhibition |May 14th – 28th

FRAGMENTED- IWVAC-Australia  Group Exhibition 14th -28th May

Fragmented explores notions of materiality, duality and identity. Featuring current IWVAC-Australia member artists: Nazanin Marashian, Sahar Nabinik, Neusha Sharifi, Neda Farrahi and Atefeh Hekmat.

  • Opening 14th May 4pm-6pm
  • Painting Demonstration with Atefeh Hekmat, 21st May 10am-1pm
  • Artists Talks, 28th May 11am – 1pm

The Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective-Australia ( IWVAC-Australia) is founded on the principles of connecting to like minded artists, collaborating on projects and creating opportunities for Iranian artists living in Australia to engage in high quality, curated exhibitions. Fragmented is IWVAC-Australia’s second group exhibition.

About the Artists

Nazanin Marashian is the founder and curator of IWVAC-Australia. Her artmaking is semi-autobiographical and maps the fragments of memories from her past. Her works merge personal stories with political and social concerns. Her collection of works for Fragmented include paintings, installation and film. The works reflect on the ‘moment before’ she left Iran with her family as a young child to escape the Iran/Iraq war. She is interested in how defining moments in your past can shape your identity.

Sahar Nabinik is a ceramicist and object designer who is inspired by Persian art and culture in particular the use of calligraphy and motifs sourced from Persian carpet designs and Sufi poetry. Sahar’s work for Fragmented plays with scale and materiality.

Neusha Sharifi is a painter and Graphic Designer. Her artistic practice is centred on acrylic painting and mixed media. Her work is concerned with the choices we make in our daily interactions and engaging with the space in-between intention and experience.  Neusha’s paintings for Fragmented are layered with personal histories and ‘memory’ fragments which still haunts her today.

Neda Farrahi specialises in portraits or composition of portraits using acrylic, oil and mixed media. Her artworks are influenced by personal and social events. In particular, social injustice has a great impact on her artmaking. Her work for Fragmented explores the duality in the fragments of her mind, life and  identity as an immigrant, leaving behind her roots to a new environment which can be confronting.  The loneliness on one side and the family, friends and fond memories on the other side.  The dualities of being close together and far apart, past and present.

Atefeh Hekmat is a painter and tutor. Her artistic practice centres on oil and acrylic painting on canvas. She has a great love of nature and her works predominately reflect the changing moods of the landscape and figurative works. Her paintings for Fragmented are about her inner journey and identity.


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